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How Important is the Client-Instructor Relationship?

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How Important is the Client-Instructor Relationship?

As fitness professionals, we are honored that our clients choose to work with us, trust us with their fitness journey and are grateful for their loyalty. Our main goal is to make sure you fully benefit from your exercise program and enjoy doing it! We work with hundreds of clients and there are certain things that we see that may affect your workout experience or may affect the experience of those around you. Here are some helpful tips on how to get the most out your Pilates experience and your instructors.

  1. It’s ok to try a different instructor.

We all get in a routine (even instructors) and stick with what’s comfortable; however, instructors are as unique as snowflakes.  Each one has a different approach and style that they bring to a class or private session.  You may feel a muscle you haven’t felt before, a move you’ve never done before and a cue that made you connect in a way that finally made sense.  So please, try a few different instructors, welcome a sub with open arms…you may learn something new within that hour that has a lasting effect. It’s like trying a new food…how do you know you don’t like it if you never give it a try???

  1. Take a private lesson when you can.

Many times, we back away from private pilates training due to the price tag.  We all have budgets to be mindful of.  However, for most exercise programs, you will progress much faster when you work one-on-one than you will in a group class. In a private session, you are able to tackle personal challenges and change bad exercise habits that will benefit you when you continue with your group classes. Yes, they cost more, but you will carry with you all that wonderful personal information you soak up during those intimate sessions.

  1. Ultimately, YOU are in control.

Most of you are with us 2-3 hours a week. That means there are many hours you are on your own.  I often hear “When will I see a difference and when will I lose inches?”  We can give you great exercises that strengthen and tone, but what your body will look like and how much it will weigh comes down to the quality of your exercises and what you eat.  Focus on exercising to feel good, get strong and make your body and mind happy.

  1. Walk in with a positive vibe.

It’s stressful out there. There are so many distractions that can hinder your workout. The quality of your workout will suffer if you come in with a negative attitude. Try to turn your phone off for one hour and put it away. Your body will be open and able to focus on the instructor and your breath.  We are all one unit moving together during that hour; let’s do our best to rid any negative thoughts and be open to positive energy.

  1. Talk to us.

Please tell us if there is an injury we need to be aware of.  Tell us if you loved class and why. Tell us if you didn’t love class and why. Tell us if you don’t understand our instructions…tell us ANYTHING! We are here for you; give us a chance to fix anything that will improve your experience and help you grow. The more we know, the better we can be for you.

Your success is our goal!

Julie Brown




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