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Own Your Truth

To me, the key to being happy is owning your truth.  I had this conversation with a friend recently, and this person said: “What does that even mean? What is owning your truth?” To be...


Fascia: The New Organ

On March 6, 2018, a study by Benias, et al., was published in Scientific Reports claiming that a new organ may have been discovered.  The team concluded that the subcutaneous structure of the human...

Rely on Pilates, Not Pain Pills

Yup, you read that headline right. Depending on your circumstance, it is absolutely possible to avoid pill popping (and perhaps even prevent a pain management situation altogether) by incorporating Pilates into your fitness routine...


Mixing It Up

The other day one of my clients asked me if she should give up her personal trainer. She told me that after only 2 Pilates sessions with me she enjoyed it so much she’d...


Pilates Myths

Are you new to Pilates or maybe you have questions about the practice?  Pilates has its roots in being an exercise for the elite, but about 10 years ago, Pilates hit the mainstream and...