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Own Your Truth


Own Your Truth

To me, the key to being happy is owning your truth.  I had this conversation with a friend recently, and this person said:

“What does that even mean? What is owning your truth?”

To be honest, the words just came out of my mouth without my even realizing what I was saying, so I had to truly sit down and think what this means to me.  Once I had some time to sit and meditate about this, I realized that my truth is where MY heart lies – not in the opinion of others, not in societal norms, but where my heart wants to be. Often times, we are told that we have to follow a certain path because it is the path of our parents, of our friends, of what someone else thinks is “best” for us, of where the money is- but is it where your heart lies? Does it set your soul on fire?  When you have time to sit with your thoughts, is what you’re doing in life what makes you come alive? If it is, you’ve likely found your truth. If it isn’t, what is?

In a society where many things aside from happiness are valued, I find a lot of people doing a task or a job that doesn’t fulfill them, but it makes them the money needed to live. It makes them money, but it doesn’t make them happy & they’re constantly living for the weekend, living for the time they get off of work, living for vacation.  I truly believe that it is possible to find your truth, work in whatever industry that is, and make the loose ends come together. If you take the risk and follow your passion, you will MAKE It happen and you will love it. You’ll be happy because you’re fulfilling your life’s passion and the universe is rewarding you for that. By owning your truth in your professional life, your personal life, in your relationships, you guarantee that aside from some bumps and “bad” moments along the way, you will be happy. You will want to go to work (I call it going to “play”), you will want to see your friends and family and loved ones, you will want to participate in and with all the people you have chosen to have in your life.  It sounds a lot better than counting the minutes, hours, and days.. right?

So please, if you are not completely wildly, crazily, unapologetically happy, find your truth and OWN IT.

With love,
Alix Terpos PT, DPT


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