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Pilates While Traveling

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Pilates While Traveling

It’s the height of summer: sun, sand, surf, barbecues, and frosty lemonade… or all of the above.

But there’s no reason to forget about your Pilates routine while you’re taking advantage of all the season has to offer. Just because you’re on vacation, doesn’t mean your body won’t notice if you forsake your usual exercise schedule.

And if you’re traveling, your body will be subjected to a host of stressors it doesn’t usually face: dry cabin air and cramped seating if you’re flying, long hours of inactivity if you’re driving or taking the bus or train, irregular schedules, unusual and excess amounts of food, perhaps trouble sleeping in a strange bed.

And once you arrive at your destination, you’ll likely be participating in exhilarating but exhausting activities, from walking to dancing to sailing or hiking. All a recipe for sore muscles and stiff joints, plus the mental stress of leaving your usual routines behind.

With all this, you’ll want to escape to the gentle retreat of Pilates. Of course, you can’t take the machines along, but you have two options for keeping up with your routine while away from home: find a studio at your destination, or take small props along with you.

Many Pilates studios would be happy to provide you the haven you need while you’re on vacation. Just check out studios in the area in advance, and be sure they can accommodate drop-ins have the best pilates class reviews online.

If you have an instructor or take regular Pilates classes, ask the instructor to help you tailor some moves specifically suited to your needs while on vacation. They may be slightly different than your usual routine, but they could open up a whole new avenue for your future workouts.

Plan to take along some portable props to help you compensate for the machines. Some resistance bands, a mat if you can (or a towel, if you can’t), a foam roller, some Fitness Circles, and some myofascial balls—or even tennis balls—to help roll the tension out of tight muscles. Even just rolling the balls beneath your feet can provide a welcome release after a long, strenuous day.

When you get home, Pilates should be the second thing on your to-do list, right after unpacking. A workout in your familiar setting will help ground you, and release the last vestiges of travel tension.

And wherever you are, you can always breathe. Just performing the controlled breathing you’ve learned through Pilates will help keep you centered and in control, and give you the best vacation you’ve had in years!


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