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Rock Climbing: Solid Lessons and Boulder Living

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Rock Climbing: Solid Lessons and Boulder Living

I don’t think it’s a secret that pilates instructors at Pilates in the Grove are committed to their own fitness… as Julie mentioned, it’s no surprise to find us in a pilates class next to you (I’m usually the problem child in the corner, messing up because I’m distracted by how happy I am to get to take class haha). Or perhaps you’ll stumble across us running with a few extra “sparkles” and a little extra fragrant in the dense summer heat. If not in class practicing our breathing, you’ll see us in the gyms putting in our reps, biking, paddle boarding, kayaking, beach walking, rock climbing, barre-ing, and then using our favorite releases and stretches on ourselves—or each other! And if not any of those …then you’ll probably find us picking a place to record a Pilates video (Seriously though, have you checked out @pilatesinthegrove or @christagurka or @teriseiermoore_pilates or @sabinagempel Instagram accounts yet?).

I adore each of my co-workers and am inspired by their dedication to personal health and wellness. We offer each other consistent encouragement and motivation fight the good fight and continue to move. Because we each take the time to be strong and centered, we are able to better support each other as well. “Strong girls lift each other up” (One of my favorite phrases from one of our client’s clothing lines).

Movement can also bring on an entirely new mindset in how we learn through life lessons and how we approach intentional living.

Exerting yourself, or slowing yourself down to appreciate movement and control in a new way can help reduce anxiety, decrease pain, and teach us life lessons. From that centeredness, I think it’s natural that we also branch out to consider how we can have better eating practices for our health and for the environment.

On that holistic health note, I wanted to share a few life lessons I’ve learned while rock climbing:

  • Start from the bottom. It’s okay, it’s the right way to do it, and there’s no shame being down there—I know this sounds ridiculous, but we have often forgotten that in order to reach goals, we have to start somewhere—usually at the bottom, and need to work our way to earn that victory at the top—and there’s no shame in that!
  • Plan ahead. Then go with the flow. It’s GREAT to have an idea of where you want to go (in rock climbing, you can plan out where to grab/stretch, plant your foot, etc.) BUT it’s just as important once you’re on that wall to be able to adjust, be flexible (literally) and figure out a new way to attack the puzzle.
  • We all get by with a little (or a lot of) help from our friends. If you find yourself dangling from the top rope, wrinkling your forehead at the wall that just threw you off, or feeling betrayed by your fatigued legs and cramping fingers, then there is nothing more refreshing than a little encouragement, advice, and lift (literally, my friends have to hoist me sometimes!) to keep attacking that problem and persevering.
  • It’s all about perspective. Sometimes, when you’re in the thick of a problem or situation, you can’t see a way out. Or the jump to the next rock seems too huge. Occasionally, you just need to “press pause,” lean back, and observe what’s around you in terms of the bigger picture. And/or occasionally the need is so urgent, or the problem so tough, that it’s vital to ask for perspective from someone who can see the whole wall and can already see how your small part will still fit into the big picture.
  • Be bold: Take on challenges and celebrate (all) little victories. Don’t be afraid to jump up on a level of difficulty and take on that new challenge. In rock climbing there are different levels marked out on rock climbing routes. Challenge levels run from child’s play (5.6) to basically super human (5.11+) (yes. I’m still in the child’s play arena haha). If you succeed to reach your goal, that’s amazing and you’re making progress! If you don’t “succeed” in the goal the way you thought, you still learn lessons, figure out how to better plan, learn a new technique, or you just built mental or physical endurance to last longer next time —that’s still amazing and is STILL PROGRESS. The only true waste is an attempt with nothing learned.

Stay strong, my friends; Keep moving, keep learning, and keep lifting each other up! Hanging out from the top rope,

Taylor Galmarini, PT, DPT, PMA-CPT


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