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The Cost Of ‘Taking a Break’ From Regular Pilates

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The Cost Of ‘Taking a Break’ From Regular Pilates

With the lure of the beaches, incoming visitors, and out-of-town vacations, it’s so tempting to skip a few trips to Pilates In the Grove. After all, you can make it up later, right? Maybe not, or not as easily as you might think you can.

Two new studies show that even brief breaks in exercise in previously fit people had noticeable—and lasting—effects. One, published in the journal Diabetologia, asked 45 active, healthy men and women to take it easy for two weeks, not walk much or exercise, and to sit for more than three additional hours each day.

The results? Not only did their blood sugar levels rise, insulin sensitivity decline, and cholesterol levels rise, they also lost muscle mass in their legs and gained fat around the middle. In just two weeks! Worse still, some of the volunteers’ bodies didn’t fully correct these problems even two weeks after they returned to their normal workout routines.

The other study, which focused on people over 65, was designed the same way, and showed even more pronounced results, with the older adults unable to fully regain their former healthy profiles no matter how much exercise they did. Published on the National Institutes of Health (NIH) website, it concluded that slacking off exercise becomes more dangerous the older you get.

We understand that it’s difficult to get to Pilates In the Grove when there’s so much going on, which is why we offer a full lineup of classes to suit your busy schedule. But if you absolutely, positively can’t make it here (if you’re out of town or on a cruise, perhaps), we’d like to suggest some alternatives that will help keep your fitness levels up until you can get back to class.


Portable Props

Although pilates is best performed under the supervision of a trained instructor such as those we have here at Pilates In the Grove, if you’ve been performing it long enough that you’re comfortable with the routines, you can take along some portable props. Some resistance bands could work for you, a mat or even a towel, some myofascial balls (tennis balls would work in a pinch), and/or some fitness circles. Most of these items can fit neatly into luggage. We even have a video library available on our website that can be accessed from anywhere!


Pilates in New Cities

So many places in the country and around the world offer Pilates classes, you should have no trouble finding one at your destination. Just be sure to check in advance to find out whether they will accommodate drop-ins, and then do so.


Workouts On-the-Go

Of course our instructors will be happy to provide you with a few essential core routines you can do on your own while you’re away. The key is to not backslide on all the progress you’ve made in class.


Make It Work

If you absolutely can’t find a way to keep up with Pilates during your break, do something! Even just brisk walking for several minutes every hour (not a problem if you’re on a group tour somewhere) with about 15 minutes a day where you get your heart really pumping, will at least help keep your overall cardiovascular system toned and ready for class when you return. And be sure to incorporate the Pilates breathing techniques into your day somewhere.


And speaking of returning, to make sure you come back to class as soon as you get home, why not schedule a class with us for the day after you return? Then you don’t even have to think about it. We promise you’ll be so happy to get back to your regular routine!


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